Coaches' Corner
Thank you for donating your time to Science Olympiad
this year! We appreciate you!

Beverly Science Olympiad Organizers:

*Mrs. Lauren Cash
*Ms. Melissa Konen

Suggested Timeline:

*Turn in FERPA form to Mrs. Cash or Ms. Konen

*Contact team members to arrange practices
*Conduct team practices

*Document practices – have your teams take notes, photos, videos
*Conduct team practices

*Document practices – have your teams take notes, photos, videos

*Send all documentation to Mrs. Cash or Mrs. Copp

*Science Olympiad Competition on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at West Maple Elementary

*Send any practice/competition feedback to Mrs. Cash or Ms. Konen

Tips & Tricks:

*Although students have been placed on Team 3 or Team 4, both teams will represent Beverly in the final competition. The teams should practice together so they may learn from each other while applying their sportsmanship and collaboration skills.
*You should meet with your teams about five times to prepare for competition. You may meet more or less depending on your schedule and team availability.
*Looking for a space to practice? Contact Janice Hausman, Beverly's Community School Organizer, at to reserve a room before or after school.

*Encourage your team members to visit your event page on the wiki. They will find videos and websites to help them prepare for their events.
*With your supervision, encourage your team members to conduct online searches to find more resources for your event. Please send any new findings to Mrs. Cash or Ms. Konen and we will post the link on our wiki.

*Students in knowledge-based events such as Starry, Starry Night, Weather or Not, and Wildlife Safari may want to make flashcards/team study guides/practice tests to assist in event preparation. You may want to reserve the computer lab for research practices.
*Do you need paper copies made for your team? Send materials to Mrs. Cash or Ms. Konen and we will gladly copy them for you!
*Some events require teams to bring materials with them to the competition. Remember - Water Rockets and Rubber Band Catapult teams must bring their creations to West Maple on Saturday, April 18th!
*Please replace all event materials in your kit and return the box to Mrs. Cash or Ms. Konen after the competition.